Wednesday, August 23, 2017

I found many stories interesting in college.One that stood out to me was the short film the Envelopes starring Kevin Spacey. Is employed in obvious snow globe which where the envelopes collected by the character in the beginning of the story. The stamped envelops shed light on everything from the characters traits to the twisted plot answer the overall theme. His childhood hobby  was developed. The film used every envelope from that time in his life as snow globes to describe the main character as a collector. The envelopes journeys around the world with a different approach to showing on what the character was interested in.Another story involving envelopes and letters, The Things They Carried, gives a different view on the events of Vietnam in the eyes of 17 soldiers humping thru a war zone while carrying items used for either survival or sentimental possession. 
Somewhat like the short film the Envelopes’ main character, this story follows a lieutenant who passes his spare time pouring over letters from a woman named Martha. The lieutenant would often kiss the letters which would suggest is affection for Martha which makes it a very interesting snow globe for this character and for the plot. 
Later in the story he would blame his obsession with the letters for his fellow soldiers sudden death. This development in the story would’ve made the letters one of the more interesting Snow globes in the entire plot.  Others were ammo, comic book, drugs, and other thing that shed light on other soilders. 
In the short film Strangers the two men riding the train in the beginning both had visual elements that described them. The first man siting on the train was reading a new paper published in Arabic. From this, a reader could deduce he is either of Muslim faith or has been brought up in the Arabic society. The second man that boards the train is wearing a silver chain with the Star of David. This trend is generally popular among people who practice Judaism. Both character are established with out dialogue or narration thanks to the visual snow globes provided by filmmakers.
The story titled In the Grove had an interesting character named Tajomaru. He owned a sword and kept it on his waist at all times. I considered the weapon a snow globe because of the testimonies by all the witness, especially Tajomaru’s. The sword was mention in every part of the story including the condition of the body and the main clue as to who killed the individual. In Tajomaru’s own testimony, he clams to use the sword attached to his side and that is the only reason that it is there. 
He goes on to say that other kill with power or money. This suggests that he takes killing seriously and felt it was needed to use while pursuing the other man’s woman. The sword represents the character cut throat tactics. He doesn’t even consider the matter of killing as great consequence while capturing a woman.
One last example of a snow globe hidden in a story would have to be Bullet in the Brain by Tobias Wolf. The snow globe I observed in the story was the memories not remembered once the bullet entered the brain. Those memories revealed the main character’s childhood, adulthood, job, hopes, relationships, and other memories not included in the image that passed before his eyes as he died. The author felt it was needed to state what Ander’s didn’t remember to shed better light on why he would remember such a distant moment in his life. Each event mentioned gave readers a better idea on who Anders was before his death. I felt the connection with the character. 
This visual element was shed so much light on Ander’s in his life time that I felt awful knowing this character had been killed.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

As a lover of television series, I' afraid I must admit thatI've never watched Game Of Thrones but I have always admired the adaptation that screenwriters have delivered on HBO. With an insane budget of six million dollars an episode, George R.R. Martin's work has been one of the most watch television series thanks to the work of the team that is the show runners. During an interview that I observed, I noticed how David Benioff and D.B. Weiss recounted  their experience of starting off the first season of the show as main showrunners that had to gain the permission of Martin himself to even attempt to bring his work. I found it interesting that after talking for five hours with Martin, he simply asked them about a major detail  from  the book that only true fan of the material could only speculate.
After making an educated guess, they received Martin's approval to do the show.
The fact that both writers were  major players of Dungeons and Dragons game growing up and even shared this same hobby with George R.R. Martin seems to have been a factor in the collaboration. Perhaps Martin felt someone with detailed knowledge of his work and shared in fascination with that genre of storytelling would be perfect to adapted his books.  I think that a television series is a perfect medium to adapt novels instead of films because of the room that leaves showrunners to work in more precise details on camera.

My experience in collaboration  between other writers is always a good idea. I can understand the writers of the Game of Thrones series contempt with working separately and bringing their work together. During the interview, it was discussed that working on lines was something that was exchanged between showrunners on via email to expand the story.
It never occurred to me that showrunners working with HBO had a time frame of fifty minutes to complete and required addition production if that isn't met.

 The fact that the pilot was redone after the initial viewing shows how difficult it is to work on a production schedule for all involved in the creation process of the episode. A single flight delay or a weather issue could damage the set, causing creators to worry about making the episode work.
As a writer for short film, this is all too familiar to me, as constant issues involving budget and constant rescheduling of fellow co-writers.

In conclusion, I found that even though I've never been a die-hard fan of the series, I can truly relate to the writers dealing with average issues that others face throughout the industry. To get the approval from the original writer of the novels really  inspires me to work harder on my own material.
January 27, 2017

Three years ago, I made the decision to go back to college after dropping out twice. Of course, financing of such a venture cost money and for a twenty-something-year-old black man in Atlanta struggling to live independently, that was no easy task.

While working at the Atlanta airport in the first stage of my work career in the labor force, I saw somthing in every passenger that I wanted for myself,  it had to be something more than cleaning planes, more than clocking in on time and paying bills , more than living life everyday from paycheck to paycheck.
Feb 28,2017

I began this year a student and looked back on the my life while attending college online. Truthfully, I think that I have enough to make a career out of being a freelance writer. I get nervous about the future still but look to my books and plans for reassurance. I need to remember that I choose this path for myself. I have always read and written words and I love stories. I love telling stories as much as I love hearing them, As long as I remeber that and remeber that IT IS ABOUT THE MESSAGE OF THE THEME.

Monday, September 19, 2016

September 19th

Writers have always been in the center of the industry. Film and theater both snap to the artistry and masterwork of a pen and while I continue down this journey of story telling, plot twist and emotionally driven characters I have to pay my respect to the authors before me.

Words are what keep the world turning. Documents of agreement and signatures of love ones tucked in the end of a letter destined to travel hundreds of miles.  My ancestors fought for the right to read and write for God sakes. So life and the recording of life seems to work in union. History as we read it often dictates life as we live it presently and the future will be written down and recorded once it's past.

I am a writer, yet I don't feel any different than before writing down the statement. It doesn't call out to me as being my end of all ends decision in what I want to do. I've been watching movies(For research and pleasure) like Devil wears Prada, a film where the central character wants to become a writer for upscale magazines but must first get a recommendation from the most terrifying employer in the business.  This film spoke to me because of the emotional journey of this character and the result of her reaching her goal after regaining integrity, something she had been losing towards the end of the film.

Julie & Julia is another film that focuses on a character who wants to be a known writer but goes through more emotional hurdles to get to it.  Californication is a television show recommended to me by an old roommate that focuses on a dysfunctional character who has reach success as a writer but must still deal with his life and the everyday struggle of a typical writer in the industry.

I'm starting to notice that with the title of a writer comes  problems, regardless of  being called an author. So since life is gonna provided me with problems anyway,


Monday, September 12, 2016

What is it to tell a story? Does it represent out sight as authors in the world or is that everyone inflicting their opinion on the issues of the world?

This is what I think.
The entire history and day to day life of humans is the story that keeps us going. Every story from our religious book, every dream ever had, every emotion we as humans have all shared and had at one point of our independent lives as a collective; all results of society keeping the tradition of life going, learning from the past and looking to the future...

So tell me. What do you think? Does the world seem like a Star Wars film or a Game of Thrones novel to you?  Isn't every memory as a collective a story that we all have to ourselves, choosing to share some while burying others.

I write to re tell the story of life through the eyes that I was born with. I can hope that you understand that more than I can. At times, I feel like it's a foolish decision and that if I wanted to become someone that won't have regrets, well, here goes nothing.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Death isn't something that bothers me as much as it used to. People die, that's the truth about life that no can deny or look past. One day you're here, the next you're not. It's the one's that don't see it coming that are the lucky ones.  Everyone else who drags out their health, hoping to get better from whatever afflictions and diseases are the ones who learn the hard way that not only does God exist but he has a sense of irony about him.  I mean, his own  son died in pain and tortured to death, so why would we as people think going out similar to that is so terrible. People die.

I find myself dreaming a lot about death. Losing friends or family members. At first, I'd call whoever my subconscious kills off to make sure they were alright.(Even though I am not psychic) And after a while, I thought about how important that person is to me and how helpless I would be to save them.

I can't save anyone because I'm not a hero, doctor, firefighter, or army guy.  This isn't the way I wanted it. Of course if I had a choice, A super hero wouldn't be bad. Secret Identity