Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Death.....my opinion

Death isn't something that bothers me as much as it used to. People die, that's the truth about life that no can deny or look past. One day you're here, the next you're not. It's the one's that don't see it coming that are the lucky ones.  Everyone else who drags out their health, hoping to get better from whatever afflictions and diseases are the ones who learn the hard way that not only does God exist but he has a sense of irony about him.  I mean, his own  son died in pain and tortured to death, so why would we as people think going out similar to that is so terrible. People die.

I find myself dreaming a lot about death. Losing friends or family members. At first, I'd call whoever my subconscious kills off to make sure they were alright.(Even though I am not psychic) And after a while, I thought about how important that person is to me and how helpless I would be to save them.

I can't save anyone because I'm not a hero, doctor, firefighter, or army guy.  This isn't the way I wanted it. Of course if I had a choice, A super hero wouldn't be bad. Secret Identity

Pulse Night Club

June 2016

The nation is mourning the loss of individuals gunned down by a religious extremist who's only  true goal in this writer's opinion was to draw attention to the insane method of religions role in society.
No, I'm not an atheist, I do believe that there is a creator ,although ,why is it this creator thought it would be a great idea to create so many different degrees of separation is beyond understanding.  People are different from one another ,yes, but in each separation, hatred forms against another.
And I truly want peace after such a hard life, I should dedicate to one of these religions whole heartedly to one of the practices that's been on the planet long before I was.

What does that make the world? An experiment, A bad experiment, To see who will pull through at the end? Who will love and hate?  The popular campaign slogan of gay's wanting marriage right is simple that love wins, If that's the case, Is God simply hate, or the people that blindly follow his ancient laws, are they representing hate?

Are we as people trying to make the world a better place by welcoming people to our beliefs or do we simply think we are better than them? Chosen by the most high,  to carry out his will, even if it is to kill.
Taking of life is a violation in nature's law some bellieve, Thus the creators law. How would he tolerate murder in his "Heaven". Is it not considered murder to the killers?
And if you love you God so much, Why does he not make the world around you more better than the way you were given it.

Like I said, The taking of life in Orlando was awful for the nation but will it define the ideals of people even more, The murder might have thought of himself as a martyr but just think of the victims and the people who will rally in their wake.Who's the martyr now?