Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Thinking about it.....

April 12,2016
I find myself in a coffee shop in Hapeville called DRIP. It's my first day in here after discovering in existence on my walk this morning. And since I have found a new haven for my caffeine driven rants, I decided to start another blog.  My name is Antonio Douglas. I am a student at Fullsail University Online School Program  and I work under a delivery contract with my father and grandfather. I live with my brother and best friend in a two bedroom duplex about a block away from a corner store, Hapeville's Fire department, and a series of restaurants both fast food and traditional. I love where I am at life right now. A certain voice in my head reminds me from time to time to be grateful so I am.  I have my life, People who love me, and I love them.  In the end, I feel everyone who has that are lucky regardless of where they are in life. Old, young, pretty, ugly, rich, or poor, we are humans who need things. Need connection with one another. I have always believed that. Love is a connection just as much as hate is one. The difference is the action taken on behalf of that connection and the results.
People who know me considers my approach to situations a bit too lightly. I don't boil over easily as others and I try to remain as neutral as possible when It comes to picking sides opposing each other.
I don't vote(By choice) simply to avoid decisions based off of a person's words if I've never met them.

I find myself wondering if my approach to life was too lightly taken, Which isn't a surprise to me considering I've been almost killed three times, robbed at gunpoint three times, Hit by a car at the tender age of 13(Fracturing my right leg.) and encountered abuse as a child. Yet, I still don't let any of those things in my past bother me.(At least a lot.) No one can get over child abuse, but we can try to get along knowing that life will be better. Right?

I wish that I could see myself in the future if only to cheat and ask what I should do to succeed and how many people will I loose along the way. I don't know why I would want to know about the loss of people I care about. I guess it would be a way a preparing myself.   Until next time, I'll think about it.

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