Monday, September 19, 2016

September 19th

Writers have always been in the center of the industry. Film and theater both snap to the artistry and masterwork of a pen and while I continue down this journey of story telling, plot twist and emotionally driven characters I have to pay my respect to the authors before me.

Words are what keep the world turning. Documents of agreement and signatures of love ones tucked in the end of a letter destined to travel hundreds of miles.  My ancestors fought for the right to read and write for God sakes. So life and the recording of life seems to work in union. History as we read it often dictates life as we live it presently and the future will be written down and recorded once it's past.

I am a writer, yet I don't feel any different than before writing down the statement. It doesn't call out to me as being my end of all ends decision in what I want to do. I've been watching movies(For research and pleasure) like Devil wears Prada, a film where the central character wants to become a writer for upscale magazines but must first get a recommendation from the most terrifying employer in the business.  This film spoke to me because of the emotional journey of this character and the result of her reaching her goal after regaining integrity, something she had been losing towards the end of the film.

Julie & Julia is another film that focuses on a character who wants to be a known writer but goes through more emotional hurdles to get to it.  Californication is a television show recommended to me by an old roommate that focuses on a dysfunctional character who has reach success as a writer but must still deal with his life and the everyday struggle of a typical writer in the industry.

I'm starting to notice that with the title of a writer comes  problems, regardless of  being called an author. So since life is gonna provided me with problems anyway,


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