Monday, September 12, 2016

To tell a story....

What is it to tell a story? Does it represent out sight as authors in the world or is that everyone inflicting their opinion on the issues of the world?

This is what I think.
The entire history and day to day life of humans is the story that keeps us going. Every story from our religious book, every dream ever had, every emotion we as humans have all shared and had at one point of our independent lives as a collective; all results of society keeping the tradition of life going, learning from the past and looking to the future...

So tell me. What do you think? Does the world seem like a Star Wars film or a Game of Thrones novel to you?  Isn't every memory as a collective a story that we all have to ourselves, choosing to share some while burying others.

I write to re tell the story of life through the eyes that I was born with. I can hope that you understand that more than I can. At times, I feel like it's a foolish decision and that if I wanted to become someone that won't have regrets, well, here goes nothing.

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